Our Story

Al AMAL Means Hope

Always There is Hope

Despite all the destruction and suffering, war has not prevented us from dreaming and have hope inside our hearts to pass the hard journey from Syria to Canada.

We got settled in Kingston which became our new home. The welcome and love of the people in this city have led us to share our food and celebration with kind people who appreciated and assisted Syrians to overcome their past suffering with open hearts and minds to build a close relationship and strong community contents of diversity backgrounds.

It is time to share our culture, food, and baklava with our new Canadian community. Baklava is the most famous dessert in Syria. In parties, weddings, Eids always there should be Baklava.

Now we are part of this community and we are working on developing it in all ways we can.

To order:

T: 343 333 1029

E: alamalbaklava@gmail.com

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